Tug the Rigging

This poem was inspired by Mary Oliver’s “Don’t Hesitate,” and I shamelessly stole part of her last line – “Joy was never meant to be a crumb.” – for my own.

Tug the Rigging

Tug the rigging, wrap it tight

around your fingers. Pull

the mainsail close to your chest. Catch

every drop of wind. Let

the bow rise. And starboard side.

Rudder and keel emerge, streaming

with ocean. Wipe the salt

from your eyes. Cry out

in fear if you must. Maybe

you spill back into the sea.

Maybe this craft lifts

you closer to your yearnings

than you have ever been.

Later, time for rest and dry land.

Arch your back toward the sun.

Joy was never meant to be a crumb.

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