How did I end up here?

It’s important to catch the elusive moment of inspiration when it strikes. Stephen King calls this, working when it’s almost “too hot to handle.” (I am putting quotes there because I think I have the phrasing right. However, I am definitely too lazy to go dig up the book and check it out.)

Right now, I am working feverishly to get this site up and running. I am sitting on the toilet (top down, ahem) with my feet propped on the edge of the clawfoot tub. I can hardly remember how I got here, much less why I felt the need to stay here. I should be working on the couch where it’s comfy. Or, at the desk, where there’s a straight-back chair to keep me honest.

Where I really should be is in bed so I can wake up tomorrow and not be Zombie Mommy.

But, no. I am sitting on the john, listening to the ever-present trickle of water in the tank and tinkering away with my newly minted web presence.

It’s sort of like my own version of a Zen garden in here.

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